Monday, 2 February 2009

I have lace on the brain

One of my old friends from primary and secondary school is getting married in July. In my BK (before knitting) days, I would start wondering what kind of a dress I should get, how I should do my hair etc. Now, the first thing I've started thinking about is "What kind of a lace shawl should I make to go with my dress?". Yes, I'm thinking of making a shawl, to go with a dress I haven't really given much thought to. I do almost understand this way of thinking, as knitting a large-ish lace stole/wrap will take a fair while, even given my penchance for lace knitted on larger needles... However, not knowing anything about my perspective dress makes things like colour choice a right pain. What if I put in the effort to knit a beautiful lace wrap in a glorious colour, which doesn't fit my dress?

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