Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Victims of the heat

I tend to suffer when the weather gets really hot. I suffer even more if the weather turns hot and muggy, and the weather was both hot and muggy for most of July (and a few days in August as well). My knitting mojo has been MIA for a while, as is usually the case when the heat starts to get to the upper limit of what I can comfortably handle. Luckily my Citron was finished during a cooler spell in June, but I still haven't used it, and the poor shawl has been left unworn. It's a lovely bright little thing, and I hope it'll be the perfect thing to wear once the weather cools down a little more, as the green is an almost perfect shade.

I also received two amazing swap parcels in July, and now have even more lovely yarn for making shawls :D My Ravelry-queue is almost overwhelmed with shawls I'd like to do, as is my list of favourites.

Here's to hoping that my knitting mojo returns in full force once the weather cools, and the idea of handling non-superwash wool is no longer sufficient to make me break into a sweat. I wore a cardigan to work today, which I take as a promising sign ;)

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Tiina-M said...

Hear, hear! Eipä täälläkään tosiaan ole tullut paljoa neulottua. Virkkaus on ollut siedettävämpää, ainakin muulla kuin villalangalla.

Sain muuten toisenkin vyyhdin kerälle kaverin avustuksella, kiitos hirmuisesti sulle avusta. :)