Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010

This year's Tour de France started this past weekend. I've decided to join in the fun for the first time, even though time for knitting and spinning has been rather limited these last weeks. Note to self: agreeing to a deadline the day after a friend's wedding isn't the best idea, in general...

Anyway... For the past few days, what little time I've had has been spent on an old spinning project, using a spindle from Rina and a Shetland-silk blend top dyed by the lovely Lilith, which I'd bought last summer.

While I missed out on joining last months Knit in Public day, I hope I made up for it a little, by causing more than a few people to look at me like they'd never seen a young woman sit outdoors in the rain and spin...

More knitting next time. If I'm not mistaken, more shawls are on the menu, as I've got several on the go, including a very exciting test knit.

ETA: pictures courtesy of Kirsi, who was a star and braved the ever-changing weather with me :)

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