Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pictures, for a change

So far I've only finished one of the 10 shawls I hope to make this year. I cast off another shawl today, but as it was a test knit, I'd rather wait until the pattern is published before I display the finished product. The fact that I've yet to block said shawl isn't an issue :p Suffice to say, I love how the Dream in Color Smooshy knit up.

But as promised, here's the Mara I finished on the last day of January:

I was also given a copy of the Wollmeise 2010 calendar, which has brightened up a few gloomy days ;)

And to finish off, a few pics to remind me of how pretty the weather was only a few days ago, before the temperatures rose to above freezing.


hiisa said...

Ihania talvimaisemia! Hyviä kuvia.

Karoliina said...

Kiitos Hiisa!