Sunday, 27 September 2009

You know you're knitting obsessed when:

- You sign up for a weekend long knitting retreat at a secluded education centre with 40 other knitters, most of whom you've never knit before.
- You pack several times more stuff than you would for a normal weekend away, with most of your luggage consisting of knitting and/or spinning equipment and paraphernalia: yarn (lots of), needles, patterns, spindles, spinning fibre etc.
- A good chunk of the rest of your luggage consists of various edible goodies, both for personal consumption, and for offering for trade.
- The first morning, you oversleep, and rather than worrying about missing breakfast, your first thought is instead "Oh damn, think of all the knitting I could have done!".
- You know from the outset, that most of the weekend will involve sitting and knitting, and the idea makes your soul rejoice well in advance.

I had a fabulous time, met some wonderful people, definitely reaped the rewards of copious amounts of laughter, and despite being a touch sleep deprived, would gladly do this all over again tomorrow, if it was at all possible! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part, and our brave organisers in particular!

Kiitos vielä kaikille loistavasta viikonlopusta! En muista koska olisin viimeksi nauranut noin paljon, ja näin pitkällä aikavälillä!

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